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Leslie Pate Mackinnon, M.S.W. has maintained a psychotherapy practice for over 30 years in the Atlanta area. Trained as a therapist at Tulane University, her curriculum offered a psychoanalytical approach. Over the years, she has trained intensively with some of the Masters in the field (i.e. Jay Haley, Chloe Madanes, Michelle Weiner-Davis, Joyce Pavao, Nancy Verrier, and Reuben Pannor).

Her specialties include individual, group, and couples therapy, as well as expertise in third-party reproduction and adoption issues. She was drawn to the field by her own experience of placing two sons in closed adoptions during her late adolescence. She is married and raising teenage IVF twins.

Leslie offers a wide variety of group therapy experiences. Her practice now includes second-generational adult clients, who are the children of former clients. Newer clinicians entering the field employ her for clinical, as well as marketing supervision. She provides psycho-education to agencies and community organizations. She also travels extensively training psychotherapists, and families about the psychological nuances of families built through adoption and 'third party reproduction'.

Specialized in, but not limited to issues of:
Anxiety and Depression
Grief and Loss
Communication and Relationship Issues
Personal and Spiritual Growth
Sexual Abuse/Incest
Addictive Disorders
Family/Marital Relationships

Leslie describes her work in psychotherapy as a calling, not a job. Her therapy style is to be engaged and active. She sees some people in traditional therapy and others for periodic consultations. Clients generally know how often they want to come in. Because guarding her client's confidentiality is part of her ethical duty, she doesn't participate on managed care panels. Many insurance companies reimburse a percentage of therapy fees.

Finding "the right fit" with a psychotherapist is very important. Look for a therapist with experience and skill, and a style you feel comfortable with. Part of the choice will be based on the 'personal chemistry' between client and therapist. That is either present or it's not, so no one psychotherapist is right for everyone. If you decide to set up a consultation, take the first session or two to assess the 'fit.'


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